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My Birth Place by Nirad Chandra Chaudhary.

My Birth Place by Nirad Chandra Chaudhary.

My Birth Place; today through this article we will see the Kalyani University’s 3-year degree course’s 1st semester English syllabus that is including the short story that is My Birth Place discussed below –  My Birth Place by Nirad Chandra Chaudhary. About the author Of My Birth Place: NiradChandra Chaudhary was born on 23rd November …

The Orphan Girl By Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

The Orphan Girl

The Orphan Girl; today in this article of we will discuss a poem that is included in the syllabus of 1st semester of the 3year degree course of kalyani university that is called Graduation. The main purpose of this article is to give you a brief idea about the poem The Orphan Girl written …

Selvi by RK Narayan Complete analysis

Selvi By RK Narayan Complete Analysis copy

Selvi by RK Narayan complete analysis of the story; for the student of Kalyani University 1st year LCC English 1st semester students will be benefitted by this whole article of Selvi by RK Narayan, so please read the article complete and if possible, take down noted from the Selvi by RK Narayan   Selvi by …

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