Karma Short Questions Answers for class XI

Karma Short Questions Answers; here in this article we try to uphold few important short question and answers from Karma by Khushwant Singh, which will be very helpful to the students of class XI.

Class XI English-Karma By Khushwant Singh.

Karma Short Questions Answers.


Karma Short Questions Answers by Khushwant Singh.


  1. Where does Sir Mohan Lal look at himself in the mirror?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal looks at himself in the mirror in the first class waiting room at the railway station.

  1. Why was Sir Mohan Lal so confident about the mirror being made in India?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal was so confident because the red oxide of glass had come off and long translucent lines cut across the surface of the mirror.

  1. What do you know about eau de cologne?

Ans: It is a perfume made originally in france.

  1. What did Lakshmi put on?

Ans: Mrs Mohan Lal Laxhmi wore a dirty white saree with red border.

  1. What did Lakshmi take as food before boarding the train?

Ans: Lachmi took a bundle of cramped chapattis and some mango pickle for food before boarding the train.

  1. Who was sir mohan lal?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal was a middle aged handsome, so called educated gentleman with excessive pride of British association.

  1. What does the word nigger suggest?

Ans: Nigger is an offensive for black person and here is suggests a sense of irony.

  1. Why are not Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Lal travelling together?

Ans: They are not travelling together as Sir Lal likes to travel first class while Lady Lal prefers inter class.

  1. Why did Mohan Lal get angry with the British soldiers?

Ans: He got angry as they had thrown away his suitcase and other belonging on to the platform.

  1. What was Sir Mohan Lal’s profession?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal was a vizier and a barrister.

  1. Accroding to sir Mohan lal what were the exhibition of bad breeding?

Ans: According to sir Mohan Lal Excitement, bustle and hurry were the exhibition of bad breeding.

  1. Where was the inner class Zenana compartment?

Ans: The inter class Zenana compartment was next to the guard’s van.

  1. Why did Sir Mohan rarely speak Hindustani?

Ans:  Sir Mohan rarely speaks Hindustani as he wanted to show off his English.

  1. How much did Lady Mohan Lal pay to the Coolie?

Ans: Lady Mohan Lal paid two annas to the coolie.

  1. When did sir Mohan’s face light up?

Ans: Sir Mohan’s face lit up as he saw two English soldiers looking inside the compartment for room.

  1. How did Sir Mohan Lal Treat lachimi?

Ans: Sir Mohan Lal treated Lachmi with hatred.

  1. Why did Lachmi stop by a hawker’s stall?

Ans: Lachmi stopped by a hawker’s stall to buy Betel Leaves.

  1. What is the meaning of Preposterous?

Ans: The Meaning of preposterous is absurd.


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