Three question  long answers

Three question  long answers;  Today in this article we will try to cover the important questions from  Leo Tolstoy’s Three questions Which will be very important for your upcoming Higher Secondary examination.  So let’s look into the  three question long answers.

Higher Secondary English 

Three question  long answers


  • How was the wounded man taken care of at the hermit’s hut?

Answer: In Leo Tolstoy short story Three  Question the Tsar went into the forest to meet the wise man for the answers to his three questions regarding the right time to begin something, the right man to pay attention to and the most important thing to do to get success. After digging beds for the hermit, when the Tsar went to ask for his answers, a bearded man came running out of the woods. The man was moaning feebly with his hands pressed against his stomach.

The hermit and the Tsar quickly unfastened the man’s clothes and saw a large wound in his stomach. Tsar washed the injury and bandaged it with a handkerchief and a towel. He continued the process in rotation by removing the worm blood, soaking the bandage, washing it and again rebandaging the wound. Once the blood stopped flowing the man revived and asked for something to drink. The Tsar gave him some fresh water. Then they helped the man go inside the hut and laid him on the bed. Being tired with the day’s work the Tsar crouched on the threshold.

  • Forgive me-  who is the speaker?  When did he say this?  Why did he ask for forgiveness?  Who has forgiven the speaker? 

Answer:  the above dialogue is taken from Leo Tolstoy’s short story three questions.

When the Tsar went to the hermit’s hut to Have satisfactory answers  to his Three questions,  suddenly a bearded man came bleeding.  The Tsar took care and treated him. After his pain and bleeding subsided,  the bearded man and his shining eyes looked at the Tsar  sleeping at the threshold. When the tsar  woke up, he uttered this  to the Tsar. The bearded man revealed that he was sworn enemy of the Tsar.

In order to take revenge for his brother’s death and seizing his property, The man decided to kill the Tsar on his way back. After some time,  came out of his ambush . But The Tsar’s Bodyguard identified him and injured him. He  would have bled To death unless The Tsar nurshed him and looked after him. Thinking about his plan,  he felt sorry e and asked for forgiveness from the Tsar.

The bearded man was given by the Tsar the.

  • Give a brief account of the Tsar’s meeting with the hermit till the arrival of the wounded man.


Answer:  in Leo Tolstoy short story  three questions  the Tsar  proclaimed throughout his Kingdom that one who would tell him the right time to begin anything,  right people to listen to and above all the most important thing to do would get rewarded.  Many learned men came but none could satisfy him.

At last he went to a wise hermit who lived in the woods and received only common folks. The Tsar  put on Simple clothes,  left his body guard back and went to the hermit.  Then the hermit was digging the soil for sowing seeds. As the Tsar  approached,  the harmony greeted him and again began digging.  the hermit and weak and each time he struck his spade, he took out a little soil and breathed heavily. The Tsar  Wanted  to help him so he took the spade and told The hermit to take rest.

After digging for some time,  the Tsar asked the three questions again.  The hermit said nothing in reply but got up and wanted his spade  back and then he requested him to rest a while and allow him to work for some time.  Instead of giving the spade  back, the Tsar  continued digging.  After 2 hours,  on completing digging to bed when the sun began to set, The Tsar  stopped and asked the hermit if he knew the answer or else the Tsar would leave. Then they saw a wounded man come out of running to the heart of the hermit.


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