Asleep In the valley SAQ Question and Answer.

Asleep In The Valley By Arthur Rimbaud 

Class of XII, Few Important SAQ Question. 

Asleep In The Valley Short Question & Answer
Asleep In The Valley Short Question & Answer


1. Who composed the poem asleep in the valley? (কে Asleep in the Valley কবিতাটি রচনা করেছেন?)

Ans: Arthur Rimbaud composed the poem Asleep in the valley.

2. What is the theme of the poem? (কবিতার মূল বিষয়বস্তু কী)

Ans: the theme of the poem is the futility of war.

3. How was the stream in the poem asleep in the valley? (Asleep In The Valley কবিতার নদীটা কেমন)

Ans: in the poem the steam was slow-moving.

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4. How did the soldier describe in the poem? (কবিতায় কীভাবে সৈনিকের বর্ণনা দেওয়া হয়েছে)

Ans: Here in the poem it was said that the soldier was very young.

5. how was the soldier? (সৈনিকটি কেমন ছিল?)

Ans:  The soldier was pale.

6. where did the head of the soldier rest? ( সৈনিকটির মাথাটা কোথায় ছিল?)

Ans: The head of the soldier rested on the fern.

7. How many holes are there on the soldier’s body? ( সৈনিকটির দেহে কটি গর্ত ছিল)

Ans: There are two holes in the body of the soldier.

8. what is the color of the two holes on his body? ( সৈনিকটির দেহের গর্ত দুটোর রং কী ছিল)

Ans: The color of the two holes on his body is red.

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9. what type of poem is ‘Asleep In the valley’? ( Asleep In the valley কী ধরণের কবিতা)

Ans:  Asleep in the valley is an anti-war poem written in a sonnet form.

10. what kind of sonnet form does the poet use here? ( কবি এখানে কোন ধরণের সনেটের/চতুর্দশপদী কবিতার ব্যবহার করেছেন)

Ans: The poet uses here the Italian sonnet form.

11. How does the stream look like? (নদীটি কেমন দেখাচ্ছে)

Ans: The stream looks like a long strand of silver.

12. what is the theme of the poem? ( কবিতার মূল বিষয় বস্তু কী?)

Ans: The theme of the poem is the futility of war.

13. How does the streamflow? (কীভাবে নদীটি বইছিল)

Ans: The stream flows slowly through the valley.

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14. Describe the valley in one sentence? ( একটি বাক্যে উপত্যকাটির বর্ণনা দাও)

Ans: It is a small green valley through which flows small steam.

15. How is the valley illuminated? (কীভাবে উপত্যকাটি আলোকিত হয়)

Ans: The valley is illuminated by the bright sun rays that stream down the mountaintop.

16. What is the insect doing in the valley? (পতঙ্গগুলো কী করছিল)

Ans: The insects are humming in the valley.

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17. where are the feet of the young soldier? ( তরুন সেনাটির পাগুলো কোথায় ছিল)

Ans: The feet of the young soldier is among the flowers.

18. How is the smile of the young soldier? (তরুন সেনাটির হাসি কেমন ছিল)

Ans: The smile of the young soldier is like the smile of an innocent baby.


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