Leela’s Friend Short answer for class XI

Leela’s Friend Short answer; here in this article we will discuss a few short questions and answer from Leela’s Friend, which will be very helpful for you, the student of class XI.


Class XI (Leela’s Friend by RK Narayan)

Leela’s Friend Short answer


Short Answer type question From Leela’s friend By RK Narayan. (Leela’s Friend Short answer):


  1. Where had Sidda worked before?

Ans: Sidda had worked before in a doctor’s bungalow somewhere near the market although he did not point out any particular place.

  1. What did leela’s box contain?

Ans: Leela’s box contained catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils.

  1. What was Mr. Sivasanker’s first impression about sidda?

Ans: Mr. Sivasanker thought that Sidda was tidy and he did not appear to be a bad fellow to him.

  1. What for had Sidda been jailed a number of times?

Ans: According to Mr. Sivasanker Sidda had been jailed a number of times for stealing jewellery from children.

  1. What did Leela know and draw for Sidda?

Ans: Leela knew two or three letters of the alphabet and could draw a kind of cat or crow for Sidda.

  1. What were given to Sidda in exchange of his work?

Ans: Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month by Mr. Sivasanker in exchange of his work.

  1. How would Sidda get relief from Leela’s teaching?

Ans: Sidda Sought relief by telling Leela that mother was calling her in for dinner.

  1. Why was the inspector furious?

Ans: The inspector was furious as Mr. Sivasanker had not consulted him before appointing Sidda in his household.

  1. How many times had Sidda been jailed?

Ans: Sidda had been jailed at least half a dozen times.

  1. Why did leela’s mother slap her?

Ans: Leela’s Mother slapped her as she had lost her gold chain.

  1. Why was it impossible for Leela’s mother to think of a story?

Ans: It was impossible for her to think of a story as her mind was disturbed.

  1. How did Sidda put Leela to sleep?

Ans: Sidda put Leela to sleep by telling her incomparable fictitious stories, sitting on the floor near her bed at night.

  1. Why did leela’s mother shudder?

Ans: Leela’s mother shuddered to think that she had given shelter to a rogue who could have harmed her daughter at any moment.

  1. How according to Sidda, could Leela Touch the moon?

Ans: Accroding to Sidda, Leela could touch the sky standing on the coconut tree.

  1. Where did Mrs. Sivasanker find the chain?

Ans: Mrs. Sivasanker found the chain in a tamarind pot in the kitchen.

  1. Who is the writer of the story Leela’s Friend?

Ans: RK Narayan is the writer of the story Leela’s Friend.

  1. What did leela lost?

And: Leela had losted her golden chain.

  1. What did Leela wanted to hear from her mother?

Ans: Leela wanted to hear the story of the elephant from her mother.


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