Meeting at night Descriptive Type Questions

Descriptive Type Question and Answer from Meeting at Night.

For Class XI (WBCHSE BOARD) By Robert Browning 


1. Justify the title of the poem ‘Meeting at night’

Ans: The title of the Browning’s love-poem ‘Meeting at Night’ indicates the poem’s theme – a secret meeting of two lovers at night. The poem relates how the lover undertakes a long arduous journey to meet his ladylove secretly at night. At first the lover sails across a small portion of the sea in a boat. He then pushes the pointed part of the boat and stops the boat in the slushy sand.

Disembarking from the boat the lover walks about a mile on the warn beach enjoying the pleasant smell of saline water coming from the bay. Thereafter he crosses three fields to reach a farmhouse where his lady-love resides. He taps at the window-pane and his ladylove responds by lighting a match inside. The poem ends in the happiness and joy of a face-to-face meeting of the couple. As the title clearly hints at the theme of the poem, the Title ‘Meeting at Night’ is apt and significant.

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Meeting at Night Descriptive Question And Answer
Meeting at Night Descriptive Question And Answer


2. Comment on Browning’s use of Image and symbol in his poem ‘Meeting at Night’.

Ans: Browning’s dramatic lyric ‘Meeting at Night’ is replete with images and symbols. The grey sea and the long black land stand for the trials and tribulations through which a lover has to pass to reach his destination. The ‘yellow half-moon’ reflects the lovers’ romantic spirit. The image of ‘startling waves’ suggests the lover’s tensed and eager feeling. The image of ‘fiery singlet’ is suggestive of the warm and intense passion of the lover.

Here ‘cove’ symbolizes shelter and a ray of hope in the lover’s journey. The ‘tap at the pane’ and ‘the quick sharp scratch’ are auditory images suggesting the eagerness of the two souls for a face-to-face meeting. The ‘blues spurt of a lighted match’ is again a visual image that suggests the culmination of the lover’s journey in a union. Thus, Browning has successfully used several images and symbols to convey the lover’s mood and feel minute.

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3. How does Browning describe the sights and sound in his poem?’

Ans: Robert Browning has made effective use of sights and sounds in his poem ‘meeting at Night’ to present the beauty and mystery of nature at night. The lover undertakes a long journey through sea and land to meet his lady love at the farmhouse where his beloved lives. During his journey, he experiences the grey sea, the long black land, the yellow half-moon, the startled waves breaking into fiery ringlets, the scent of the sea, and slushy sand.

The sound of the scratch of a match-stick a tap on the window-pane and whispers of the ladylove heighten the atmosphere of silence and the blue light of the match-stick intensifies the darkness. Thus, the sights and sounds are presented quite in keeping with the lover’s secret love.


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