Short questions from daybreak

Short questions from daybreak; Today in this article we will try to uphold a few  short questions from daybreak.  That will be very helpful to the students of class 11 of West Bengal WBCHSE  Board’s  students.


Daybreak By Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Let’s start with the Short questions from daybreak.

  •  from where did the wind come in?

Answer:  the wind came up from the sea.

  •  Who announces the approach of the dawn?

Answer:  the wind announces the approach of dawn.

  • What is the main theme of the poem?

Answer:  the main theme of the poem is the poem centers around the advance of a promising morning.

  • Who was Asked to shout?

Answer:  the forest was asked to shout.

  •  And  hurried  landward  Too far away –  why did the wind Hurry  landward?

Answer:  the wind hurried to announce the news of  the daybreak.

  • What did the wind say to the wood Bird?

Answer:  the wind told the wood Bird to get up and sing of the glory of the morning.

  •  What did the wind tell the Chanticleer?

Answer:  the quint told the Chanticleer to blow his Clarion.

  •  Why did the wind tell the clear to blow his Clarion?

Answer:  the wind told the chanticleer to Blue his Clarion as the day was coming near.

  •  When does the wind whisper?

Answer:  the wind whispers to the fields of corn.

  •  What does the wind Whisper to the fields of corn?

Answer:  the wind which purples to the fields of corn to bow down and welcome the coming morning.

Short questions from daybreak
Short questions from daybreak
  •  What does the wind touch on daybreak?

Answer:  the wind touches the folded Wings of the bird of the Woods.

  • What is the belfry tower?

Answer:  the belfry Tower is the bell tower in A church used to announce some Holi occasion on the death of someone.

  •  What does the wind tell the belfry Tower?

Answer:  the wind tells the belfry tower to proclaim the hour.

  • How does the wind cross the churchyard?

Answer: The wind crosses the churchyard with a sigh.

  •  Why does the wind have a sigh at the time of crossing the  churchyard?

Answer:  at the time of crossing the churchyard the wind has a sigh  because it is not the time to rise from the Dead.


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