Leela’s Friend Short question and answer By R.K Narayan

Leela’s Friend: Here in this article we will discuss few important short questions from R.K. Narayan’s short story Leela’s Friend. Which are very relevant to the student of class 11 of WBCHSE board?

But as always I am requesting all the student of class 11 who is reading this article, please go through the text Leela’s friend by R.K Narayana first and then read this question and answer then you will understand all the questions and answers.

Leela’s Friend Short question and answer
Leela’s Friend Short question and answer

So let’s start with the short question from Leela’s Friend

1. Who wrote the story Leela’s friend?

Ans: the story Leela’s friend is written by R.K.Narayan.

2. Who was Leela?

Ans: Leela was Mr sivashanker’s 5years daughter.

3. How old was Leela?

Ans: Leela was five years old.

4. Who is Leela’s friend?

Ans: Sidda is Leela’s friend.

5. Who is sidda?

Ans: Sidda is a servant in Mr sivasanker’s family and a close friend of Leela.

6. Where was sidda hanging about?

Ans: Sidda was hanging about at the gate of M.r Sivasanker.

7. Where was Mr sivasanker standing?

Ans: Mr. Sivasankar was standing in the front veranda of his house.

8. Where was sidda before?

Ans: Sidda was in a doctor’s house before.

9. Where did the doctor live?

Ans: The doctor lived near the market.

10. Why did the doctor send sidda away?

Ans: The doctor sent sidda away because they left the town.

11. How much was sidda paid for a month?

Ans: Sidda was paid four rupees a month.

12. What kind of job did sidda do in sivasanker’s household?

 Ans: Sidda washed clothes, tended the garden, ran errands, chopped wood, and looked after Leela.


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13. Whose company made Leela supremely happy?

Ans: Sidda’s company made Leela supremely happy.

14. Who held a class for sidda?

Ans: Leela held a class for sidda.

15. When did Leela hold a class for sidda?

Ans: At dusk, Leela held a class for sidda.

16. What was a great joy for Leela?

Ans: To paly, the teacher to sidda was a great joy for Leela.

17. When did Leela run to bed?

Ans: After completing her dinner Leela ran to her bed.

18. What had sidda to do after dinner?

Ans: Sidda had to be ready with a story for Leela after dinner.

19. In the short story Leela’s friend What did Leela’s mother notice one evening?

Ans: One evening Leela’s mother notices that Leela’s gold chain was missing.

20. What did sidda tell about the gold chain?

Ans: Sidda told that he did not know about the gold chain.

21. When did Mr. Sivasanker come home?

Ans: Mr sivasanker came back home an hour later.

22. What did Mr. Sivasanker do after the incident?

Ans: After the incident, Mr sivasanker went to the police station and lodge a complaint.

23. What made Leela’s mother panicky?

Ans: The thought of sidda made Leela’s mother panicky.

24. How many times has sidda been in jail according to the story of Leela’s friend?

Ans: Sidda has been in jail half a dozen times.


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25. Why has sidda been in jail?

Ans: Sidda has been in jail for stealing jewelry.

26. Who found the gold chain?

Ans: Leela’s mother found the gold chain.

27. Where was the gold chain found?

Ans: The gold chain was found in a tamarind pot in the kitchen.

28. Who is Mr sivasanker?

Ans: Sivasanker is Leela’s father.

29. What was the problem Mr sivasanker brooding over?

Ans: Mr sivasanker was brooding over the servant problem.

30. ‘he called his wife” who called his wife and why?

Ans: Mr sivasanker called his wife as he could not decide to employ sidda in his house.

31. ‘And that is decided it’ what does ‘it’ refer to here?

Ans: Here ‘it’ refers to the employment of sidda.

32. ‘Sidda come and play’ who called sidda and how did sidda respond to the call?

Ans: Leela called sidda and as soon as he heard it, he left his work and ran to Leela.

33. Why did Leela long for sidda’s company in the short story Leela’s friend?

Ans: Leela longed for sidda’s company as it made her extremely happy.

34. What did Leela ask sidda to do with the ball?

Ans: Leela asked sidda to throw the ball into the sky.

35. ‘sidda knows the moon’ who said this and whom?

Ans: Leela said this to her mother.

36. How many letters of the alphabet did Leela know?

Ans: Leela knew only two or three letters of the alphabet.


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Here In this article, we read some important questions from Leela’s friend by R.K. Narayan. I suppose this article will help you to score a good result in your final examination. so please read the whole article with great attention and if possible note down the question and answer in your notebook.


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